Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Babies! So Spoiled!

The babies getting all the loves!

Oh Cute!

Tackwee & Celeste


Just some pictures of Heather (my sister) on our blow up bouncer that is in our basement!

Rory's Birthday!

I totally forgot to also add pictures from Rory's 5th birthday. We played at the Kangaroo Zoo and partied with family and friends later on!

Some Pictures of Me

I know, it's my annoying face for you to see...but too bad it's by blog!! HA HA!! Back in December or November, my friend George took some more pictures of me. Here are a few favorites.

Spiderman x's Three

I have so many protectors here at home, so many I feel safe all the time! Although at times the webbing makes a mess and climbing the walls can be a danger to us below. I am lucky to have 3 Spidermans here at home. I don't need to watch those cheesy Tobey McGuire movies! I have the real deal in three different bodies! Jealous? I'm sure you are, but they are willing to fight crime in all areas! But you better have treats and a bottle for them in the end, the get tired!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Sundance 2009

So I voluntered up at the Sundance Film Festival this year (my second time). It was as it was in the past simply wonderful! I did have one annoying co-worker up there DUC PHAM! Anywho, on with my weekend of fun!

On Friday I was lucky enough to be working at a theater that had some greats come through! Let me tell you, the talent (stars, celebrities, divas) was as big and kind as you can get. I was lucky enough to meet almost each one that came through and not one treated me or anyone else badly.
Saturday, well that day was just as great.....met one of the cutest young actors out there! When I say cutest, I mean sweet, talented, and humble.
Sunday ( I know) was just as good!
Monday saw a very funny movie and can't wait till it hits the big theaters. Love Bill Hader! Greg Motolla is a great producer of the perfect teen/young adult angst movies of this era (think the of the greats from the 80's). The Q & A was just as fun. Oh and those of you who are Twilight fans...Kristen Stewart is just a pretty as she is in pictures and just as awkward!
So I posted some pictures of those whom I was lucky enough to have a close encounter...although I did not meet Kristen in person!