Monday, December 8, 2008

After A Long Day of Decorating

You know decorating wore us all out, but one was more tired than the rest of us!

Partying Around The Tree

Trimming the Tree

We trimmed, decorated, tinseled the heck out of our tree this weekend. We let the boys do the decorating. We decided who cares what the tree looks like as long as the boys got to decorate it and have the bragging rights. It turned out perfect in their eyes and it gets rearranged almost everyday. SO PRETTY!

Picture fun...

So, we like to have fun taking pictures.....................................ok, really I do. So I try to take pictures as often as my children will let me. I know, they are always of the kids, but heck that's what people want to see anyway!

Darth Vader....scared?

Darth invaded our house looking more menacing than ever! He was dressed casual, but kept the mask on so not to scare us completely. He was also much shorter in person and his voice was higher! Huh?