Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Hey a pic of me!

I let Rory take a picture of me yesterday...he did a good job considering my camera weighs a ton. He's my little photographer! So sexy right?

My Little Squirts!

Some fun pics....look at Sam...he looks like a rag-a-muffin from the the musical Oliver or something! HA!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A New Band To Enjoy!

So I have found another band that I have come to enjoy to listen to. They are called "The Cab". Check out their song Bounce down on my playlist. Enjoy!

Pics of Eli...

Look at the chins on Eli! Such a chunk, right? And remember how I said that Eli looks like a turtle...well look at the color picture...TURTLE!! He's growing at rapid speed, but not rapid enough! He refuses to hold his own bottle, sit up, crawl, walk, eat food. I mean he is 3 months, he should be able to all of the above. LAZY! He is always smiling, laughing, crying, and eating! He's a keeper!


I know it's been a month since my last blog! I have seriously been slacking in that department! I am an extremely busy person! HA HA!! I kid I kid! Anywhooooooooo, I am back on the blogging wagon. I was trying to slow my addiction I guess, but I of course still stalk other blogs! So here's to updating the blog during the tiring holidays! PEACE!