Friday, March 7, 2008


Every bath Rory has a massacre with his pile of toys that he feels are bath toys. Some stay afloat while others sink. Those poor toys!

Itty Bitty Ball

So Itty Bitty Ball has begun and Rory was very excited. There is so much craziness going on. Rory running the opposite way as his team. I forgot to mention he is Team Batman. Very exciting. This year for itty bitty ball they changed it up a bit. Instead of playing just one sport the whole month they get to play a bunch of different ones. The first day was t-ball the second basketball. I took pictures the day of t-ball.

As you can see in the pictures Rory is running everywhere!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Before Your True Love

Before you found your true love can you remember all the crushes that you had previous? I can pretty much remember mine from 9th grade till I was 18. I never had a serious boyfriend during my school years. I made sure of that. I wasn't into that nonsense! But I did have a lot of crushes. Here they are in all the embarrassing glory!

9th grade: Peter Slingerland
10th grade: Still Peter Slingerland which I can't believe that crush lasted so long!
11th grade: Jason Richards, Glade Mercer at one point, Nate Mansanarez (who after high school I dated), Bart Bradshaw
12th grade: Jake Bardsley

After high school crushes....

I dated Nate Mansanarez which was a slight disaster
Hyrum Osmond
Jaren K. Fowler who to this day has been my biggest crush.

Can you remember any of your crushes from school or other?