Thursday, November 8, 2007

Self taken pictures.....

One of my favorite things is to take the camera and take pictures of myself and whomever I am with at the time. Rory and I have been doing it since he was born and now Sam is a part of it too. It's fun because really who knows what the picture is going to look like in the end.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

This is Me

Well this is me. I'm Sara, 26, mother of 2 boys, wife, amatuer photographer, baker, book enthusiast, candy eater, tv watcher, no excercising, caffiene addicted blogger. I love to sit and watch baseball game after baseball game, even though my team hasn't done well in a while GO GIANTS!!! I live for my clothes I have worn since high school, not a shopper unless it comes to food. I'm not girly in anyway and could careless what is in style and don't really like to wear a lot of make-up. That is just a little about me and my family!

Jarie My Love

This here is my hubby Jaren. We've been married for almost 6 1/2 years (although it sometimes feels longer :). He is an accomplished man in many things. He went on a 2 year mission to Taiwan, graduated from BYU, then after a stint in China with me he decided that Law Enforcement was his calling. Some of his loves in life besides his family include, nose spray, energy drinks, soda on rare occasions now, nuts of all kind, watching baseball, wrestling with his children, and most important of them all sleeping.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Sam As We See Him

Here is Sam or Sammy as he is known around our house. He is almost 9 months on the 22nd and has yet to figure out how crawling works. Although he does have military crawl down to a science. Some of Sammy's favorite past times include, eating (anything), drooling (won't stop getting teeth), taste testing every toy before he plays with it, screaming and squawking, giggling, sleeping, wrestling with his daddy and big brother. He doesn't have the big plans for next year like Rory does, but I'm sure he will soon enough.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Rory's Many Faces

This is my first born Rory who is 3. His favorite past times include running, jumping, shooting webs, protecting the city of Gotham, fighting his inner demons, trying to never grow up while at the smae time fighting a man with a hook. He loves to color pictures of his favorite super heros, watch movies (which he can memorize after seeing once), loves to sing to the High School Musical soundtracks, eat popcorn anytime of the day, and spends about 1 to 2 hours "swimming" in the bathtub since it is too cold to swim outside now. He is excited to turn 4 in January because he'll be older, in fact here is a small list of things he plans to do when he is 4.
1. Grow Taller
2. Get Married
3. Have A Baby
4. Go to School
5. Drink Mt. Dew
That is just a small list of his incredible adventures he'll be taking at the ripe old age of 4. Can't wait to see which he'll do first! I'll be sure to let you know.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Welcome to Sarie's Life

This is my first official blog. So first let me introduce myself and my little family although those of you who are reading this are most likely my family and see me or hear from me everyday. If you just happen to fall upon my blog, well then welcome and enjoy my family! My name is Sara and I have been married to Jaren for almost 6 1/2 years. We have two little squirts; Rory who is going on 4 and Sam who is moving into his 9th month of life here on earth. With this blog I hope to share my love of photography, food, and of course my family with anyone that clicks on the page. I want to thank and great friend who introduced me to blogging....please visit her site