Friday, November 16, 2007

I just can't help it!

Yes I know, I can post and post pictures of the kids all day long. Yes and I know all parents think their kids are the cutest (not all are, ha ha just kidding), but mine truly are the cutest. For example here is Rory, look at the face and that wierd smile that is on his face and what about Sam? Too cute huh?

Lighting Time!!

Well, it's lighting time here. Jaren is up on the roof as I type decorating with bright colors of reds & greens. It's such nice weather that he decided that it was the perfect day to get them up. Luckily this year he decided not to wrap the lights all around the house (which was a mess and caused the fuzz box to go haywire) but just in the front. I will be sure to post the after pictures of the house all lit up tonight.

Coming Soon....

We are updating our living room for the first time since we've been married. We purchased 5 years ago from my lovely sister a couch which still is so compfy, we saved for a entertainment center (which is slightly broken...thanks Jaren and Stacy), we saved for a tv, & was given a chaise lounge, and great penny machine from Ma & Pa. But now we are ready for the upgrades that well after almost 7 years of marriage and 2 boys later we think we deserve. Pictures will come later of course. So stay tuned!!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Bring back Christmas classics

So this Christmas I have decided to instead of trying to make our tree look perfect, you know like the ones in the stores. I am going back to the basics. I still like the whole green, red, & white colors, but going to the ornaments from my childhood. We're making foam ring chains, felt puff ornaments, popcicle sticks stars, pipe cleaner candy canes and big fun bulbs. We're going to be busy this next week, because next weekend the tree gets put up and the lights go on. Rory and I are going to be gluing and sparkling, twisting and tying. If anyone would like to pitch in please come on by!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Random pictures for your enjoyment

Just some fun pictures that I had taken over the weekend. The boys are always ready and Sam will pose as soon as he sees me with the camera. They both have been well trained!

My early Christmas wish!

Ok, I'm looking to purchase a new camera in the next few months. I'm really wanting to start taking family photos and perhaps weddings in the future. At this point I have my eye on the Canon Rebel XTI 10.1 mega pixels also I would like to get and lovely lens to attach. So, here is my wish for Santa to bring or perhaps help me out with. Isn't it a beauty? I think so!