Friday, February 29, 2008

Old Friends

I have found that blogging has brought me to old friends from high school and a little further back. I mean when I get to see Richie Holmes who was un-officially my first "boyfriend" in 7th grade and was always a great friend through high school it means that the blogging community is even bigger than I could imagine. I get to read how Mary Cox is doing over in England while she goes to school. Or how famous Stephanie Nelson is becoming in the blogging community herself. How one of my best friends Kristin loves to make smoothies with her two little ones. Or even when a little nephew cuts up everything in sight way over in Indiana.

If you haven't decided on blogging yet, well I highly recommend it. It takes on a few seconds a day and you can keep up with family and friends all over the world or even right next door.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A New Hair-do

Today I went to my favorite hair stylist Ching who I only trust with my hair. I have had too many bad hair experiences and seen too many to trust anyone but her. I let her do her thing and pick out what she think will look on me each time. She changes it up with each visit. So here it is the new shorter do!

They're Always Trying to get my Lucky Charms

If you can't guess from the pictures who Rory is dressed as let me tell you...It's Lucky from Lucky Charms. We found this hat and socks today in the dollar bins at Target and he thought of a costume right away. He's full of imagination and never keeps us bored. Can you name all of Lucky's charms?

A quiet afternoon...

Yesterday was Sam's 12 month check up. After a long morning of hanging out at the dr. office and getting shots Sam was in need of a nap. But also to my surprise the long morning exhausted my little Rory too. I got almost the whole afternoon to myself yesterday. It was so quiet and I too had a little rest watching the Academy Awards that I recorded from the night previous, it was nice. Those days don't come along very often, but when they do I take full advantage!

Jack Sparrow Anyone?

How many of you are in love with Jack Sparrow? And if you're not, something could possibly be wrong with you. Well, here at our house we were fortunate to have him come for a visit yesterday and boy is he just as cute in person although much younger looking and real short.

Monday, February 25, 2008

February 22nd

Guess who turned one this past Friday? Have you guessed? Well if you don't know I will tell was Samuel Emmett Fowler.....he was lucky enough to party it up at Disneyland for his first birthday. Jaren went to the local grocery store and picked up a little cake and a candle so we could have our own little party in our hotel room. Sam was sleeping and refused to wake up so he had to be forced.


Disneyland Days 1-3

Well, unfortunaley I didn't take too many pictures at Disneyland. My camera was kindof bulky and I didn't want take it on the rides. So I only have a few. But here is out trip to Disneyland in a nutshell. It was really busy for February, cool & rainy, lots of the Buzz Lightyear Ride, hate the Peter Pan Ride, and the boys loved every single moment of it. Rory dressed up as Buzz Lightyear and Peter Pan while there, Sammy dressed warm and laughed a lot. We were able to watch the best thing ever...the Main Street Electrical Parade....rode Priates a lot (best ride), at lots of Churros (not good), enjoyed some Gumbo, saw many characters, and had a blast.

San Diego Day 2 part 2

Later then same afternoon we walked down to the beach where I watched at daddy and Rory built a LIttle sand castle together and drew letters in the sand. Sammy and I sat back and enjoyed putting our feet in the cool sand. Sand would every once in a while take of towards a pile of kelp thinking that it was a toy or something to eat I'm sure. It was so pretty to be at the right on the beach enjoying the salty smell and seeing the surfers out hoping to catch a wave. To me that was the best part of the trip down to San Diego...the beach at Pacific Beach.

San Diego Day 2 part 1

On day 2 we spent the morning at Sea World. It was cool and a little rainy in the morning. Rory was unfortunately under the weather with a fever all day. I think the excitement of trip got to him. We were able to watch and get close up to the dolphins, see the very boring Shamu show, feed the sea lions, get attacked by a seagul trying to steal my churro, and see that cats truly can be trained. It was fun to see the large mammals as the jump out of the water. It's amazing that they can get their big bodies that high. All in all the boys had fun and Sam loves Dolphins. Can't get enough of them!

San Diego Day 1

Our first stop on our trip was to San Diego where we spent the first day at the zoo. I had forgotten how large that zoo is. It's a beautiful zoo and the animals are a plenty. The boys were facinated with the hippos and the elephants. They couldn't get enough.
Later that night we were able to see our good friend Matty who we miss very much! It was good to see him and chit chat a while. Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of Matty! Maybe next time.

A Vacation In Short

We were in need of a much needed vacation this month. So we took our normal September/October trip to California early. We spent a week in the cool rainy weather, but had a lot of fun. We first spent two really nice days in San Diego (my favorite city) and we took the boys to the huge San Diego Zoo and Sea World. That was Monday and Tuesday. Then we drove up to Anaheim where we spent 3 days playing at the "Happiest Place on Earth"....Disneyland of course. So that is our vacation in short...will add more with the pictures!