Friday, April 11, 2008


Why does it keep snowing? I am tired of the snow and cold weather! When will it be Spring? Why can't I leave the house without having to wear a winter coat? WHY?

I can't wait for the 70 degree weather! I love the Spring and can't wait for it to actually be here for good!

Thursday, April 10, 2008


Rory's List of Accomplishments Over The Past 4 Years

  1. Walked at 9 Months
  2. First word Timmy
  3. First full sentence 12 months; "I want a sippies"
  4. Knew all of his colors by 1; Thanks in part by the Wiggles
  5. Wrote his name on his own by 2
  6. Alphabet by 3
  7. Became Peter Pan by 4

Sam's List of Accomplishments Over The Past Year

  1. Sitting Up 3 Months
  2. Teeth 6 Months
  3. Crawling 6 Months
  4. First Words: Tickle Tickle
  5. Eating Everything In Sight, well since he got teeth
  6. Walking.........13 1/2 months!!!!!!

Baby in Womb Accomplishments

  1. Becoming a new part of our family
  2. Growing much needed organs
  3. And now hanging out near my bladder nad kicking it whenever possible!
  4. Next Thursday officially having a gender to go by!

We are so proud of our boys and the baby. We wish them more and more great things to come over the next year.

Happy Un-Birthday to Rory!

Today at school Rory celebrated his un-birthday! He went with bags of treats for the students and ready for a shin-dig. They sang Happy Birthday and made him "Special Helper" again. He came home with a lovely red crown and a balloon to match.

So here's to Rory and his Un-Birthday!
Oh and please pardon his crazy hair...he refuses to have it cut.

A New Lens Cover

Back in February during our trip to Disneyland I lost the cover to my new camera lens. I think it was lost between Fliks Fliers and It's Tough To Be A Bug. Well, Jaren searched online and he found one for me! Ya!!! Excting news? No, but I am happy to have it so my lens won't get scratched or dust all over it.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Sam...Post Bath....Pre Nap

Oscar the Dog

I would like you to meet Rory's new pet Oscar. He make looked stuffed to yo, but he is very real to Rory. He takes him out to go potty, feeds him pretend food, has a toy for him to play with, plays hide & seek with him, and many more things you would do with a puppy.
Oscar gets into a lot of mischief, but all in all and quiet little pup! So if you ever seen him running the streets on his own please let us know, because we'd have one sad little boy here at home.


The boys started wrestling on the bed this morning. Rolling around pinching and kicking. Good times had by all. I watched and refereed from the side line. You know, making sure no one lost an eye. You can see in the picture of Sam that he has an evil smile on his face ready to attack Rory at any moment. Boys are crazy!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Also...Happy Birthday To Kristin!

We love doing this when we take pictures!

Happy Birthday Mom!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Braving the cold!

Saturday we decided to brave the "warmer" temps and when I say warm I meant 40 some degrees out. Anywho, we went up the Provo Canyon where Rory shot his fishing line into the Provo River to see what he could catch. Unfortunately nothing took the bright yellow bait, but was saw plenty jumping. We were just getting warmed up for the real fishing later this spring and into the summer. Practice makes perfect!