Friday, July 18, 2008

Getting the Bad Guy!

Cut brought to in part by a chain link fence!

This man was out Tuesday for work chasing the bad guy and getting cut up in the process, but he got the guy in the end!

The cut may look little, but when seen in person you'll notice the bit of swelling and redness that is there. Plus it's in the crease of the hand...OUCH!

Just Me and My Boys

Here you will notice the growth on my need to worry, it's not a basketball, but a baby in there!

My boys are growing so much! I can't believe that there will be 3 of them in Sept. Craziness!

Backyard Fun

The other day it was overcast and humid....a perfect afternoon to be outside. So we took to the backyard and enjoyed the cooler air and the little sprinkles that were coming down. The boys were running, jumping, climbing, and swinging. It was a good time had by all!.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

6 Weeks and Counting

I am looking forward to the Sept. 3rd because this pregnancy will be over and I will have 3 little boys in my life. I have 6 long weeks left and they seriously are the longest weeks of the pregnancy. It's where you all of a sudden gain more weight which I find is quite rude! Where my belly expands to look like I am smuggling a basketball under my shirts. Where my memory almost completely goes to the point that I forget what I did the night before sometimes. It's the nesting phase, the preparation phase, the anticipation phase.

It's just 6 weeks and counting............

Sunday, July 13, 2008

My Honey


I love my husband to pieces! Cheesy? Yes, but so true. He works hard to provide for our family and I can't thank him more. He's the craziest person I know. He has the sweetest and biggest heart and is always there when I need him. He spends his days off with us and it means more to me and the boys than he'll ever know.

We Love You Daddy/Jarie!

Songs This Week

Jaren and I love the show So You Think You Can I decided this week to put a song from some of the best dances thus far.

Friday Fishing....Extras

Friday Fishing Place #2 A Meadow

The second place we stopped at was just as beautiful as the first. It was a meadow that had a little creek flowing through it. I believe Rory "caught" the biggest fish of the day there. Although it was getting a little too late in the day for the fish to bite we'd get a little bite here and there. Worth it just to enjoy the mountain air and the warm sun. I did get a mosquito bite on my head though! Stinks!

Fishing Friday Place #1 Provo River Waterfalls

Friday we took to the Uintas with Grumpa Fowler for a day of fishing. The first stop was at the Provo River was beautiful and quiet. We covered ourselves in bug repellent and walked over to the rock. With Grumps help Rory reeled in the first fish of the day and he continued to do so throughout the rest of the fishing adventure. I caught a itty bitty one which was tossed right back in to grow. Jaren caught three that we were able to bring home for a

fry the following day at Grumps and Grandmas. Jaren did catch the smallest ones too! He wasn't too happy with those. Sammy enjoyed the time licking dirt off rocks before tossing them into the water.