Friday, March 28, 2008

Taylorsville City

Well, for almost a year Jaren has worked for the City of Saratoga Springs with a little disappointment here and there. Recently he decided to try to go back up to Taylorsville to work. He will be starting this Tuesday back up there. Please keep him in your prayers as he goes back the busy city.


Sam has been less than his perky self as of late and I was curious as to
why. I have been checking in his mouth for teeth and hadn't seen anything until I felt in there this morning. There are 2 molars and a little bit of a third one on its way out. Now I am able to pin point the grump that he was being. I hope it will soon pass and he'll be back to the happy go lucky baby that he usually is!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Paula Deen

Have you ever sat and watched Paula Deen on a Saturday morning or even a Friday night? Oh I do! I watch her as though I am part of her show. Sad? Maybe, but I can't help it. I love watching he "greezy" food become something that I crave. Her cackle become part of a joke between Jaren and I. Or finding a common bond between Rory and I. We both love baking and Paula Deen. If I could meet one person who is alive....PAULA DEEN would be top of my list. Plus the woman loves butter on everything...the more the merrier. Us Fowlers love you Paula!

Treasure Hunting

Sam eating fruitloops and yelling at daddy and Rory out the window!

Peter Pan coming back upset that he couldn't find the last treasure!

Yesterday we set out for treasure via our GPS. Following what others had posted on the Geocaching website. Well, Sam and I stay in the car and watched from a distance as Peter Pan and Jaren looked for the "treasure" only to come back disappointed 3 out of the four times. Better luck next time I guess. But it's a fun adventure to do with the kids and if you have a hand held GPS I recommend going to this website . Have some fun on a sunny day! And hopefully next time we'll find the treasure!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Window Fun

Yesterday was a beautiful day! Warm and sunny, it felt like spring had finally arrived. The boys agreed. In fact after a evening nap Sam decided he wanted to sit on the chair and yell at Say-d out the window. The poor dog was trying to relax in the last bit of evening sun before coming in and being harassed, but no such luck. Sam sat and yelled at her for a good 10 minutes. Then Rory decided it was time for him and daddy to clean up the dog poop. They went outside, which made Sam very jealous. I wouldn't let him got out there because of the doggie doo. So he sat and yelled at them while they shoveled the lovely turds into a bucket. What a fun family home evening activity. Don'tcha think?

Monday, March 24, 2008

Bunny, Eggs, Candy.....Oh My!

Yesterday the Easter Bunny was kind enough to bring rory and Sam little buckets of treats and small prizes. The Easter Bunny decided to bring only a little this year knowing that the boys family was going to come over for Easter dinner and spoil them with even more candy. Which the Easter Bunny was right! On Saturday Nana & PopPop (mostly Nana) gave them a Spiderman bin full of prizes and then yesterday their Aunties and Uncles brought them baggies of candy! I of course make sure there is no poison in the candy by taking out the kind I'm sure the boys wouldn't like to eat and try them out myself. I know, what a nice mom huh? I do what I can.
Rory enjoyed every moment of Easter yesterday while on his Robin Eggs sugar high and Sam enjoyed all the attention from the cousins and uncles. My boys are definately very spoiled, but no matter what they are greatful for EVERYTHING they get wether it's big or small. I am lucky to have those little bugers in my life!
Thanks to my family to making Easter fun and helping out with dinner. It was rather tastey!