Sunday, June 14, 2009


Blog is messed up!!!!! I hate this blogger thingy sometimes!


I am in love with Korean Pop music! It's fun and cheesy and great! So I dedicated my playlist to a few of my favorite K-Pop stars! Turn it up and dance around!

The LGC & Texas Women For Life!

I have a gang...yes a gang. We are retired of course but every once in a while we gather together and have snacks and watch our children play. We are no longer the tough talking, fight picking, young ladies we once were. You may wonder what our gangs name is or was, well we were known as THE LGC. It stands for...get ready...The Little Girl Club. Tough right? We sounded so threatening. I mean, I know I would have been scared out of my mind if I wasn't already a part of the "gang".

Well this past week we gathered as moms and showed off our babies, ate delish granola and pull a part cinnamon bread. We walked down to a cozy little park and then got rained on. We talked about the old days and made fun of the present days. We joked about the poor boys we hung out with and about our upcoming 10 year reunion...barf! I look no older than 16 I swear! Ok ok, maybe no older than 22? It's a bit depressing to know that the 10 years have past so quickly. I still love my friends like I did when we first met in jr. high in the halls of Dixon to the halls of Provo High and our gang was formed. Let's hope our little boys and girls form a bond/gang with each other!

What? An Update? I know!!!!

Ok, really nothing too exciting to post, but several pictures over the past 2 months or so. I have been told that I needed to update and frankly I find those people slightly pushy for their own good! You know who you are!

So I will post a few pics of the boys and stuff! They are growing like those awful weeds we get out here on the know the ones that roots are so long that it's a never ending fight to get them out of the ground? Well, that's the boys...eating...growing....eating....fighting....eating....crying.....talking way too much....eating. Catch my drift?

So here they are in all their glory or gory...whichever way you would like to look at it! Gotta love em'.