Thursday, August 28, 2008


I honor of Nie Nie Day I thought I would share just little stories of growing up a friend of Stephanie.

I have known Steph since were we at the horrible age of 12 and I first moved to Provo. I never truly became friends with the freckled face girl till the tender age of 16. I admired her style and how she was always ready to have fun. He quiet sense of humor would get us laughing. I will always remember the the burning of our bras and running around in the buff around the fire up at the Clark Cabins. She was of course the first to throw hers in! I will cherish those moments of our friendship that only became stronger through our emails and talking about our blogs and children, cards swapped with pictures of our families during the holidays and births of the newest additions.

Stephanie has touched so many and with a day to celebrate her and Christian how can you not stop and smile?

I will of course continue sending her pictures of my family, with the newest addition coming in a week. It hope to help decorate her lovely hospital room with pictures of my goofy family!

Stephanie & Christian, get well.....get strong.....the Fowler Family Loves You!