Thursday, December 27, 2007

In need of a Hero? Or maybe a speeding ticket?

Look no further than right here. I have Buzz Lightyear who will rescue you. Heck, he may even take you to Infinity and Beyond.

I also have Officer Fowler Jr. He is tough and not fair. He likes to write tickets for any violation he sees and would arrest you for minor infractions. He may look little and kind of sloppy in his uniform, but don't be fooled by his baby face he is fiesty.

My Brother Zack!

This here is my little brother Zack better known as Tackwee. He is almost 20 and I can't believe it. He'll forever be that little nerd following me around the house and wanting to hang out with my friends and I. He has a sweet little girlfriend Celeste whom I will get a picture of her on here one day. Zack and Sam are great friends and Sam just adores him. I love my little stinky brother!

Just a few more pictures!

Aren't they goofy! With Rory's fake smile and Sammy's face covered in drool how can you resist hugging and kissing their faces?

What a mess!!

Here is just a few pictures taken on Christmas morning with my NEW camera my very sweet husband purchased for me on Christmas. The boys had a blast ripping their presents open and enjoying everything they got. I would love to write out everything my parents and family gave to my family, but I don't think a novel would fit. We had so much fun and the food at my sisters house just as good as always. Thank heavens for my sister and mom and their ability to cook because everything always taste delish! Now it's on to New Years! But before that happens I shall post more pictures of Christmas day.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Was Great!!

Well, I will be posting later the pictures of Christmas this year! My family was definately spoiled. Everyone was too kind! I can't believe how much we came home with last night, it was a lot. Stay tuned for more postings!