Friday, October 10, 2008

Justin Nozuka

Ok, I went to his little concert up in Murray all by my little self and fell in love with his music. Check out his myspace page and listen to the soulfullness that is his music. He was great live too!
Plus he's a total cutie! Sorry Jaren, but it's true.
I put some of his songs on my blog so you can hear how he sounds.

Photos of ME!!

Ok, so I am going to be slightly into myself for this post. Why? Because I am very proud of myself? Why? Because I just had a baby a month ago and I have lost all but 3lbs of that horrible baby weight! Now you may say...oh you're bragging. And YES I am! This is the first time that I can be proud of myself in this area. It usually takes me a year or two to lose the fat that comes along with pregnancy. And so I am posting post-baby pics that were taken of me by my great friend GEORGE!!! Thanks Georgie! Yes, I called you Georgie! Oh and please ignore the hair it was raining and the hair went frizzy! Oh well!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

I Run For Nie!

In the need of a good run and want to do it for a good cause....then come and join us!