Thursday, October 2, 2008

My Best of late!

It vitalizes the body and the mind!

Afternoon Activities

Yes that is Sammy locked in his cage for nap time, if you find this bad in anyway, then you've never had a toddler before! Rory playing his afternoon video game! He longs to play it as soon as his eyes open for the day. Then there is Eli, eating and eating...pooping and pooping....and then just hanging out with a slightly confused look on his wrinkly face. It's what we do everyday, but hey at least we have a routine!

Oh Yeah? Well Your Daddy Wears Motor Boots!

A Sunday Drive...

So we...okay I thought it would be a good idea to take a nice drive up into the mountains and around the Alpine Loop on Sunday. So did everyone else in the state of Utah. It of course was beautiful with the changing of colors, but over crowded and slightly dangerous since the road is way too narrow for our large beast of a car. But I did get a few snaps in.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Great Teen Movie

This movie has to be one of my favorite movies from my high school years. It had some classic lines that are hilarious. I remember we as girls use to sit and watch this movie and pick out who was who that we went to high school with that fit the characters in the movies. Katie (Clark) Hydrick was the Jennifer Love Hewitt character and Brad Hagen was the Seth Green character. I remember those two so clearly. It's out now for it's 10th anniversary...I'm going to buy it. Good times!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Etiquette Dinner 95'

Click picture for larger view

The year was 95' and I was much younger than I am now...the place Grandview Stake Center....the gathering Grandview 2nd Ward Annual Young Men/Women Etiquette date a white teddy bear. I was suppose to have a "person" as a date where we learn manners and how to be ladies and gentlemen. The boys had to pull the names out a of hat I believe and pick their dates and they "fixed" the dinner. They were to pick us up the night of the dinner and we were to be dressed in church attire. I found out my date did not like the idea of me being his date for some reason. Maybe it was my striking beauty and that intimidated him. I mean come on look at me in that picture. GORGEOUS! So there I sit at the table with those who have dates like a muffler scraping the road, who know instead of a 3rd wheel. I found out who stood me up...DEREK BELL! Oh yes Derek I remember this night! That night he forever went by the nickname "UGLY" and till this day I forget his name just because we girls called him Ugly so much that I truly believed that was his name! He answered to his nickname with a slight bit of hate in his eyes, but he also liked that girls were paying him any attention.
That's my story for the day! Now enjoy the outfits we are all wearing! So hot!
PS. That bear was a great date...never talked and I got his food!