Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Some decorations.....

So far so good! Last night Rory and I got the candy canes going, I would twist and he would make the hook while we enjoyed watching Santa Clause 2. Then I made button "flowers" for an extra vintage feel. I also took the green pipe cleaners and made fun little ting tings that I plan to spray with glitter spray to give the tree and extra sparkle. So much fun for me, but also to be able to lay in bed at night and make special memories with Rory is just as fun.
If you are interested in Button Flowers in any shade, shape or size let me know. I'll be happy to make some up for! Email me at sararfowler@yahoo.com

Monday, November 19, 2007

Sick For The Holidays!

Well, I have been living on let's see now.... 6 hours in 3 days of sleep. Sam is teething and has decided instead of sleeping he wants to stay up and play and cry. When I say play I mean making Spiderman webbing sounds. So now I am getting sick I think. Or just so over tired my body is shutting down. But even with just a little sleep himself Sam still looks like this every morning, a big smile. How does that work?

Blurry but Beautiful!

Here is just a small picture of our house this year. Yes it is plain, but to Rory and Sam it is so cool. Rory helped hang the wreath and the garland around the front porch and was so proud. Jaren was also very proud of his work. He gets out the measuring tape to make sure the lights are perfectly spaced apart. It's so funny! Enjoy the lighting of your houses if you plan to decorate them!