Friday, January 11, 2008

Remember that surprise?

I'M PREGNANT! Yes, those of you who haven't heard I am pregnant with our thrid and most likely our last child. I'm starting my sixth week and was excited to tell everyone! I will keep you posted and bring you along throught this last pregnancy, including pictures of my ever growing belly, the ultra sounds, and how each doctor visit goes!

Such a fun afternoon!

Today I had over my closest friends and their cute little ones. There were toys all over and fun to be had and I think they did. While the kids played we made tea

and yummy smoothies. It's still so funny to me to see us girls as mommies. I can still see us as 15 year olds. It's amazing to know that we have been friends for so long and still keep in touch constantly. But instead of posting pictures of them (which I will soon enough when I feature them), I decided to post pictures of their little cuties! There is Annie & Nathan (Kristins), Aiden (Amaras), and Little Joey (Katies). Enjoy their snotty drooly faces!

Thursday, January 10, 2008


Sam, well let's just say he is the opposite of Rory. Rory has always been a very serious little boy. Doesn't take jokes well and he acts like a little old man. Sam on the other hand is crazy, into everything, all over the place, goofy, and full of himself. You can tell by the look on his face in these pictures that he was caught red-handed getting into something and was caught. He keeps me busy and I'm never bored. Oh Sam!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

My Favorite Piece!

Jaren's father Vance once made his living by building these wonderful penny machines. We were lucky enough to recieve ours when Vance and Camille moved here to Utah. It is a centerpiece in our living room where the kids flock asking for pennies and quaters and daddy/uncle Jaren is there with a bowl of coins ready for them. It's a family herloom that will be pasted down forever! We love it!


Surprising news coming soon! Stay tuned!

Fresh Popcorn!

So for Christmas all I really wanted was an air popcorn maker and I got one from my mother. Fresh popcorn without all that extra greezy (Paula Dean word) butter that microwave popcorn has. Rory and I have been filling ourselves up on popcorn ever since Christmas and we plan on making marshmallow popcorn balls with the fluffy stuff! Can't wait!