Friday, February 1, 2008

My Boys!

This is what happens when daddy gets home from work and the boys have been stuck with boring mommy all day. They attack and want their daddy to pay attention to them and they pile on. But of course I don't mind, it gives me the well needed break that I deserve right?

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

High School Musical 2

Have any of you seen this movie or heard the soundtrack? Well, the summer of 2006 was the summer of the original High School Musical for Rory. Now since last summer when we got the soundtrack for High School Musical 2 we have listened to it about everyday, then for Christmas his Nana purchased him the second movie. Ok to get to the point, it's not only Rory's favorite but Sam loves it. Once the movie is on he is in the zone. The only way to get him to enjoy a car ride is to listen to the soundtrack. So last night Sam was having a hard time sleeping and the only way I could get him to relax and fall asleep was to SING the songs from the movie. I could not believe that was the magic that was needed to get him to fall asleep. Kids are crazy!

Making dinner with daddy!

So, last week was a hard with the "morning" sickness and I had a night where I just didn't want to cook. I was lucky enough to have a sweet husband and son to pick up the slack. They got out the griddle and made a yummy breakfast for dinner. Thank heavens for turkey bacon because it hit the spot.

What have we been up to?

We haven't really been up to much and I will blame myself for this. I haven't been feeling the best with this pregnancy, so we have been hanging out at home a lot. Plus it's just too COLD to go outside. So mostly we have made a mess in the house almost everyday, we have baked yummy sugar cookies for daddy to have after work, road bikes in the house, and have watch movies, and read lots of Spiderman Comic Books. I know sounds boring, but we seem to keep ourselves rather busy.

Bath Time!!!

Who doesn't love bath time with a sibling? Sam and Rory love to take long baths spitting water at each other and gargling with what I can only imagine has Sammy pee in it. But that doesn't seem to bother either of the boys as they splash, climb, spit, & swim in their bath.
(Oh, I do let out the water and run more to wash them, just in case you were worried about the pee)

Monday, January 28, 2008

The Sweetest Man

We were blessed to have President Hinckley with us so long and he will truly be missed around the world. We love you!