Monday, March 24, 2008

Bunny, Eggs, Candy.....Oh My!

Yesterday the Easter Bunny was kind enough to bring rory and Sam little buckets of treats and small prizes. The Easter Bunny decided to bring only a little this year knowing that the boys family was going to come over for Easter dinner and spoil them with even more candy. Which the Easter Bunny was right! On Saturday Nana & PopPop (mostly Nana) gave them a Spiderman bin full of prizes and then yesterday their Aunties and Uncles brought them baggies of candy! I of course make sure there is no poison in the candy by taking out the kind I'm sure the boys wouldn't like to eat and try them out myself. I know, what a nice mom huh? I do what I can.
Rory enjoyed every moment of Easter yesterday while on his Robin Eggs sugar high and Sam enjoyed all the attention from the cousins and uncles. My boys are definately very spoiled, but no matter what they are greatful for EVERYTHING they get wether it's big or small. I am lucky to have those little bugers in my life!
Thanks to my family to making Easter fun and helping out with dinner. It was rather tastey!


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