Wednesday, September 24, 2008

My Turtle

I truly believe when each baby is born the look like something other than a baby. For example...Rory looked like an alien...Sam looked just and I swear it's true he looked just like a baby sloth. I couldn't get passed it! Well, I like to tell you that I thought Eli looked (with the first picture above as an example) like a TURTLE (made the pics green for effect). But not just any turtle but Squirt from Finding Nemo. Some faces he makes looks just him.
People...moms for sure are always wanting to believe that their babies are the cutest ever to born. I like to take a minute to tell you it's not true! I never see my babies and think right away oh he's the cutest ever...I look at them and say oh my word he looks just like this or that. I am lucky enough to not have the pointy headed newborns, but I'm sure that would add to the animal-like appearence they all ready have!
PS. Look at those chins that Eli is sporting in the top picture. So DIGGS!!! (That's for Jaren)


Blogger Jordan and Katie said...

You're so funny sara. I remember that you always thought adults look like animals, for example I was a chipmunk. I haven't thought about what Joey is yet but Jordan looked like a kangaroo, hence Joey, and I looked like a chipmunk. so Joey could be anything in between.

I feel for you being so exhausted. I'll pray for you. It's amazing how its the end of the day and you can hardly believe another day has gone by. Good luck and I love ya!

September 24, 2008 at 10:04 AM  

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