Friday, August 22, 2008

Come One Come All

This Saturday there is a balloon launch party at Kiwanis Park in Provo. 6:00 pm, and you are invited!Stephanie and Christian have a tradition in their family where, at family parties, birthdays, or other special occasions, they write inspriational things on a piece of paper, tie them to balloons, and let them go. We want a giant launch at 6 pm - so bring your balloons and messages. Steph and Christian would love it.There will also be some food, and we're working on entertainment. If you are entertaining, let me know. You probably are. And please don't write and tell me that letting balloons off isn't environmentally conscious, because I may have to punch you in the throat. You seriously don't want that.Even if you don't know Stephanie and Christian, PLEASE COME. They would love it, and I would love to see you.


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