Thursday, February 7, 2008

Preschool Illness

Tuesday was Rory's first day of preschool and he was so excited. When I walked him into class I saw a set of twins that were coughing and had snot on their faces. I thought to myself and then said to Rory "Don't let those boys touch you!!". Why their mother thought it was so important for them to go to school sick just so that they could spread it to everyone else is beyond me, but she did. That evening Rory went to bed with a scratchy voice and woke yesterday with a really bad cough. Well, last night Rory and I spent the night up together trying to break a 103 degree fever and drinking tons of water. It's sad because today he is unable to return to his preschool class and learn more about colors and letters because he has the flu.
So here is my soapbox for the day......Wether it's school or church.....LEAVE YOUR SICK KIDS HOME!!!! It's preschool not high school they aren't missing out on huge amount or school work if there is any at all. And the Lord isn't going to judge you because you decided to miss Sunday school so your little sick child can stay home and get better. Is that asking too much? Well, I guess it is since no one else seems to follow this. So if any of you are culprits of making your child go to school or church wether it's with a cold or the flu KEEP YOUR KIDS HOME!!! Thanks and good night!!!


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